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Ministry History

After the Sept 11th attacks, seeing all the hatred and violence blinding the minds of people, to the extent of leading them to such a horrific act, the urge in brother Samuel Estephanos ’s mind was so strong to reach the Arab world with the Gospel of Jesus’ love and salvation. The resources were very limited, but dreams were big!


Alkarma TV, which means “The Vine” in Arabic, went on air for the first time during 2005 with a signal originating from a 3-car garage, using modest equipment that personal finances allowed. That was the first and only Christian content in the Arabic language being broadcast over the US.


Since then, the journey has been anything but easy, but the Lord have sustained Alkarma and led it to be a segment leader that many tried to imitate.


The ministry has expanded substantially, airing programs 24/7 as 2 channels on five satellites around the world, as it currently operates out of a recently renovated 24,000 square foot facility in southern California.

The journey of Alkarma was, and still is, a constant act of faith through which God has shown us how to walk on the water.

We know we must keep our eyes constantly focused on Him, ignor¬ing the waves of discouragement, financial challenges, and personal threats.



Their lives have changed

A message from the founder

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Standing in The Gap

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